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Analytical Tactics to Inform Product Decisions

I had the opportunity to give a talk with Pragmatic Institute on analytical approaches to guide the product decisions. This talk leverages the tactics I've seen create the biggest impact across Meta, Intuit, Expedia, eBay and Pinterest. I'm excited to share these approaches with more Product Managers to help enable better uses of data out in the industry!

A large amount of data is created to measure user behavior that can be tapped into to guide product decisions. Knowing how to utilize data to improve product decision-making can ensure efficiency, velocity, and ultimately impact. Different analytical approaches best enable different points of decisions, be it surfacing potential opportunities, guiding prioritization, or enabling a data-driven culture with metrics to rally around.

If you're interested in learning more, you can check out the webinar on LinkedIn or Youtube. I cover:

  • Aligning your product strategy with success metrics to stay focused and create clarity

  • Diving into funnels and segments to discover opportunities for growth

  • Opportunity sizing to prioritize activities for the largest business impact

  • Experimenting as a means to confirm your strategic direction


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