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I empower leaders to define and achieve their individual version of success, allowing them to contribute meaningfully while upholding their core values. Most of my clients are ambitious and talented leaders who treat their role as a parent as a priority in addition to their work. Common areas of focus include refining communication and leadership styles to maximize impact, balancing career aspirations with personal values, and conquering imposter syndrome.

My Approach

Coaching is a purposeful conversation that helps you clarify and achieve your goals through behavior change. If you want to realize your "I want to," live intentionally, and increase your impact, coaching can benefit you.

We start by collaboratively setting goals that align with your vision of success. We will jointly detail what matters to you, supporting your unique path (or arc!).

Once your goals are established, we will enable progress in each session. Coaching discussions create space to broaden your awareness and perspective, leading to real-world observations and experiments to facilitate steps toward your goals. 

My coaching style blends warm, empathetic support with sharp observations and timely challenges. Clients appreciate my analytical background for finding opportunities for data-driven insights and synthesizing life's vast information. This enables us to identify opportunities and unlock action quickly. I also offer Hogan assessments to incorporate reputational data for setting coaching goals.

Based in the Bay Area Peninsula, I coach in-person and virtually.

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Examples of clients’ impact from coaching

Advocated for VP promotion, ultimately achieving title and pay increase

Developed new, previously intimidating peer relationships at work to enable team’s progress forward

Created space for strategic work through increased delegation, enabling learning opportunities for colleagues

Recognized negative internal dialogue diminishing results and impact, and started giving self credit to recognize accomplishments

Established and communicated career plan, with clarity on growth focus areas and internal wants

Rebuilt confidence and recognized self worth when looking for a new role after toxic, negative manager

Established time management approach including scheduling and saying no to increase time on energizing work and reduce weekend work

To get started, reach out to schedule a free introductory call where we will discuss your coaching goals. I will help you refine your goals and explore immediate actions you can take. This call lets you experience my coaching style and see how it can support your growth, ensuring we are a good fit.

Reach out to schedule a free introduction.

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